Monal Wildlife Photography Hide

Monal Wildlife Photography Hide

I’m in the Scottish Highlands and I’ve got my hands on the Monal Wildlife Photography Hide by Tragopan.  In this post, I’ll go through some of the hide’s features and my first impressions of it.


Monal Photography Hide YouTube Video

Check out the YouTube video where I go over some of the hide’s features.  As well my reasoning for picking this location to set it up.

Disclosure: I was given this hide, but I will give my honest opinion about it.

Erecting the Monal Hide

Erecting the hide is easy and fast.  Lifting it by the hub and pulling the strings will extend the poles into place which forms the structure of the blind.

The waterproof cover is then strapped over it and poles inserted along the sides to keep the structure.

Optionally there are straps with pegs that can secure the hide on four sides.

Features of the Hide

There are six windows in the hide. Two on each of the long sides and one each on the short sides, which also serves as entrances to the hide.
The first time you set up the hide the windows will need to be assembled.  There are options to have mesh slits, a long mesh for a lens and a long camouflaged cover for a lens.  As well as some other bits and bobs like small windows and zipped covers for each one.
There were no instructions for the window so it took me a bit of time and experimentation to set it up the first time.  However, once they’re in they can be left in place every time the hide is disassembled and moved.

The Monal hide is a decent length of 220cm! I’m 185 and I can easily lie down in it.  Which will be great for early starts and short naps for longer sessions.
The hide has two entrances on the smaller sides which measures 1.4m along the bottom.  All six windows also have bottom slits that can be unzipped for tripod legs or to shoot from at ground level.


The material seems durable, but time will tell and I’ll give an update after I’ve used it for a while.  I have left the hide outside overnight and it endured a decent Scottish downpour and nothing inside the hide was wet the next day.

If you want to find out more about the Monal hide visit the Tragopan shop where they also sell other types of hides and accessories.

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