10 Inspiring Wildlife Photographers to Follow on Instagram

10 Inspiring Wildlife Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Wildlife Photographers on Instagram

Here’s a compilation of some of my favourite wildlife photographers on Instagram.  I’ve tried to make it a mix of wildlife photographers and not all of them with an already large following.  So hopefully you’ll discover some new photographers you may not have heard of before.

1. Andrew Parkinson

@andyparkinsonphoto is an award-winning wildlife photographer from the UK who focuses mainly on local species.  Occasionally you’ll see series of images of his work on iconic species such as tigers and bears in his IG feed.

Andrew put’s more time into writing text with his posts than anyone I’ve ever seen on IG.   Talking about the experience and how he took the image, behaviour of the species, conservation and processing work.  You’d be hard pressed to find any wildlife photographer who gives more value in his posts than Andrew Parkinson.

2. Michel d’Oultremont

@micheldoultremont winner of the Rising Star Portfolio Award (Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 2018) has an artistic approach to wildlife photography.  His IG feed is filled with high and low key images and often only showing part of an animal in its environment.

Michel’s style of photography and his dedication to wildlife photography is a source of inspiration to myself.  If you need a 10-minute dose of inspiration to go take photos check out his YouTube short film ‘Hunt for the Perfect Shot’.

3. Ben Hall

@benhallphotography a multi-award winning wildlife photographer from the UK.  In 2017 he won the environmental category of Bird Photographer of the Year with an epic capture of an Andean Condor over mountain peaks in Chile. Worth checking out!

I’d followed Ben for quite some time before I realised I owned one of his books: ‘The Wildlife Photography Workshop‘.  Written with Ross Hoddinott, it’s a good addition to the beginner and intermediate wildlife photographers library of resources.

4. Paul Nicklen

With 4.7 million followers at the time of writing @paulnicklen probably needs no introduction.  An inspirational wildlife photographer and avid conservationist Paul focuses on species of the extreme environments of the Arctic and Antarctic.

His feed is filled with amazing photography above and below water and he uses IG Stories to tell more of the conservation work he does with Sea Legacy to conserve the oceans of the world.

5. Marina Cano

@marinacano is a Spanish wildlife photographer who specialises in African animals.  Much of her work is displayed in black and white and has a fine art quality to them.  Marina’s posts are written in Spanish, but luckily IG has a translate function.     

6. Jari Peltomaki

@jari_peltomaki from Finland specialises in bird photography and has co-authored one of the best books on bird photography I’ve come across ‘The Handbook of Bird Photography‘.  Jari has had a long successful career in wildlife photography something his vast portfolio of outstanding images will attest to.

7. Shannon Wild

@shannon_wild a cinematographer and photographer living in Africa have an astounding image collection of mammals from around the world.  Her posts often have information about the species she photographs including photo tips and settings.

8. Terje Kolås

@terjekolaas a Norwegian photographer and guide have an absolutely stunning collection of birds in his feed.  Mostly Norwegian species, but every now and then some exotic species from his travels pop up.  In his collection, you can find some really creative compositions, check out the common goldeneye leaving its nest hole taken from below!

9. Bence Mate

@bence_mate_photography has won countless awards in wildlife photography and is always pushing the boundaries.  Bence is also co-author of ‘The Handbook of Bird Photography‘ and his experimental approach to photography is truly inspiring.

He might not like to write much in his posts except for the occasional camera settings, but his photos do really speak for themselves.

10. Espen Helland

@espenhelland – Yeah I put myself on the list, what a nob!  Let’s make it clear that I in no way compare myself anywhere close to the talented wildlife photographers on this list.  However, I’m inspired by these photographers and I aspire to elevate my photography towards their level someday, and wouldn’t it be cool if you could say you followed me before I made it?  Besides, it’s my blog I can do what I want 😉

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