The product links below are to Amazon as they often have the best price. However, if you live in the UK I would check out Wex Photo Video as they often have good deals and come with an amazing 1-year warranty on used gear!!

Post Processing

Denoise AI by Topaz – Using this program to deal with noise in my images has completely changed how I shoot.  Now, I’m not afraid to push the ISO higher on my Canon 7D ii in low light situations.


Canon 7D mark ii  – Remember to get a spare battery as well. Main body used for all my wildlife photography including close-up b-roll for my YouTube videos

Canon M50  –  With kit lens 15-45mm. Get a spare battery as it discharges pretty fast. Main camera used for my vlogs including time-lapse, b-roll and occasional 4K video/time-lapse. Also started using it for general photography when I want to pack light.

GoPro Hero 3+  – Used for b-roll for my videos and occasionally time-lapse. 

DJI Mavi Pro  – Used for b-roll for my videos and occasionally photography.


Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS II USM  –  Main lens used for almost all my wildlife photography, a bit of landscape and for shooting close-up b-roll for my videos.  You can view my video review of this lens here!

Canon 50mm f.1.8 EF  –  Main lens used for portrait photography and sometimes experiment with for wildlife when I want an extremely shallow depth of field.

Canon EF 1.4x iii Extender


MeFoto Tripod Globetrotter

Joby Gorillapod – mini vlog tripod

L-Bracket Tripod Quick Release  – Handy device for switching between horizontal and vertical view when using a tripod.


Røde Microphone – for vlogging


Lee Filters 100mm System Foundation Kit  

LEE Filters Standard Adapter Ring 77mm  – Fits the 100-400mm ii Canon lens

0.6 ProGlass ND Standard  

0.6 ND Hard Grad

0.6 ND Soft Grad

Lee Super Stopper (15 stops)

I love the effect this filter can achieve, check out my IGTV Video where I use this filter to do a slow exposure of Edinburgh Castle in the middle of the day.


Viking 8×42 ED S Special Edition Binocular – Very important to have decent binoculars while doing wildlife photography (I can highly recommend these Viking binoculars and at a really good price, they were close to £500 a few years ago)

Spare Canon LP E6N Battery 

Spare Battery Canon M50

Shutter Release Cable

Waterproof Camo bought it for 150-600 Tamron, fits my new 100-400mm lens as well.

Camo scrim  UK Shop  —  US Shop  – Ideal for throwing over yourself for some quick cover or use in the window of your car as seen in my video on using the car as a hide.

DJI Mavic Pro Carrying Case UK Shop — US Shop


Muckboots  UK Shop  —  US Shop  –  With neoprene lining, highly recommend if you get cold feet.  I’ve used Muckboots for years while doing bird surveys in the highlands of Scotland and they’re fantastic for keeping warm.

Sealskinz Waterproof gloves   –  Waterproof and leather palm lining, handy when crawling around on the ground for an eye-level view of wildlife.  Check them out in my video on photographing otters on the Isle of Mull.

Montane Extreme Salopettes  –  Thick trousers for keeping warm in winter, incredibly handy when sitting still for hours on end in the cold.  I wear them in my video on photographing jumping squirrels.




Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS II USM Review

Photography Hides

I work with Tragopan who specialise in equipment for wildlife photographers, especially hides and camouflage designed to get close to wildlife.  Check out some of the videos I’ve made on the Tragopan YouTube Channel.

You can check out their website:  —  US and Canada

Don’t forget to sign up to my email list for 10% off in the Tragopan Shop!



Here’s a review I did of Tragopan’s hide, Monal before I started to work with them.


Ajna F-stop backpack with Large Pro ICU:

Tetras 500 V4 Tragopan:


You can check out my review of the Ajna F-stop after 1 year of travelling in the video below.

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