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As a wildlife photographer, one of the biggest challenges is getting close enough to take good images.


How to Learn Wildlife Photography

Animal behaviour has always been fascinating to me, from studying it in my Biology degree, to becoming a professional ecologist, to now as a wildlife photographer.

Having an understanding of behaviour is something that allows us to predict where the animal will be and what it will do. It can also allow us to get close without disturbing the animal, which is one of my goals in my wildlife photography. 

I love the process, and study it daily. To me, there is no such thing as being gifted at photography. While some might have an edge, I believe that practice and repetition is key in how to get better at wildlife photography.

And this is why I set up my Patreon membership. 

Having someone to guide the process and share their experience, as well as mistakes and errors, can help pave the way to get there faster. 


So this is what my Patreon is all about.

I share tips, tricks and techniques to help photographers really hone their craft. We also dive deep on how to get close to wildlife for photography, of course.

But there is a strong community element, and we’ve got a thriving chat forum to share images, give critiques, and talk wildlife photography. 

You’ll be among friends here, promise. 



And wait. Did I mention every new Patreon gets a personal video critique of their images upon joining. 


So. I’m looking forward to welcoming you in. Question is, are you ready to join us?

Wildlife Photographer: The 3 Learning Pathways



Everything to do with the camera, lens and settings.



Everything we choose to include in our frame including light, background, composition, perspective etc.

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Field Skills

Everything from research and planning to animal behaviour, finding wildlife and getting close to wildlife.

Get regular behind the scenes videos of my YouTube vlogs where I dive deeper into my thinking behind the images I take as well as how I approach wildlife for photography.

What it’s all about

Interested in working together?

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