Espen Helland Wildlife Photographer
Espen Helland Wildlife Photographer

About me


My name is Espen Helland,
I’m a wildlife photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland.

I’m originally from Norway, so I should probably say Hei! but I’ve lived in Scotland since I studied wildlife biology… a long time ago. So now I say, Aye!

In Scotland, I’ve worked as an ecologist and occasionally still do freelance ornithology work.  I have a passion for conservation, the natural world and I believe it’s our duty to keep as much wildlife and ecosystems alive for ourselves, for future generations, and for nature’s own sake.

Espen Helland Photography is about combining my passion for wildlife with my obsession for photography.  I love the process and I’m enjoying the journey more every day.

And then I found YouTube. 


How I work

The Process



Specialising in photographing wildlife in their environment in an ethical way.  The welfare of the animal always comes before the photo.



I use video to tell stories of wildlife photography and conservation. Check out my vlogs on YouTube.

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Work with

I work with brands, tourism boards and conservation organisations to tell the story of wildlife and their habitats. To draw attention to conservation issues and eco-tourism initiatives.


I help budding wildlife photographers on my Patreon and in-person workshops (coming soon).  

Espen Helland Wildlife Photographer
Espen Helland Wildlife Photographer
Espen Helland Wildlife Photographer

Brands I’ve worked with

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